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Jin's blog 2

Well, the shit has hit the fan. I just bludgeoned someone -no someTHING to death. Let’s backtrack a bit first.  We finally got some sleep at the Consilium, only to be woken up by an enormous explosion. It s-eems that the mil-itary decided tp quarantine us here. If only it was that simple…I’m getting ahead of myself here again.

It wasn’t long until our shelter attracted a group of Sleepers.  They were looking for help and there was nothing we could do. We couldn’t risk them causing Disbelief and destroying what little Magic there was left in there. The “zombies” (not what they are but I’m going to call them that until I can discover more about them) were attracted to the sound of them attempting to break through our barricade. There was nothing we could do. Xiang wasn’t convinced. We were surrounded and our position was no longer secure, so Xiang teleported us back to the sanctum. We got a bit more rest and were discussing our next move when we heard people. Lots of them. They were trying to get off of the island. It didn’t work so well. The army is taking the quarantine very seriously. They have boats patrolling the shoreline, killing anyone they see. We needed information, we were flying blind. I summoned a hawk spirit to confirm my suspicions. This was not an isolated incident and there were “hunters” on the island – a ground team sent in to exterminate everything wihout predjudice. 

We needed to leave, to get off the island fast. But there was a problem.  Xiang’s mentor, a fellow mystagogue, was trapped in the University a block away. We agreed to help, but disagreed on the method. Xiang had some crazy idea to use the sewers, which Alex, Marc and I objected to. 

We left our sanctum, and were instantly greeted by the overwhelming stench of death.  It was almost unbearable. We tried to move quickly and quietly and were doing well until Marc was spotted by one of the boats and was shot. The sound attracted a hoard of zombies and we high tailed it off of the road and into a closed building, which turned out to be a club. We lost the zombies by jumping out a window, but we had more problems ahead. Xiang was convinced that we had to flee into the sewers and refused to listen to us. I was forced to restrain him and phsyically drag him along he rest of the way to the University.

Upon our arrival, we noticed a dead body open its eyes and stare at us, but didn’t move. Is this Sue Ming’s doing? Questions only lead to more questions. We went in the back entrance and made our way to the professor’s office, only to be greeted by a monstrosity wearing a lab coat. We feared for the professor, but had to dispatch our adversary to reach him. 

Now, as Xiang and his mentor attempt to open a portal to the mainland, I am left with only my thoughts. Is anyone else still out there?  Is this happening elsewhere or is it localized to Hong Kong? Will we ever be able to stop running and attempt to figure out what is really going on? Only time will tell, and time isn’t exactly my specialty. 

-Yi Sheng, Mysterium Mystagogue, Disciple of Life, Apprentice of Prime and Spirit.  

Jin's Blog 1/30/2011

I’m taking a quick minute to write this all down, to help everyone remember what we have been through. There is some sort of magical infection running rampant through Hong Kong, turning sleepers into some semblance of zombies, but curiously they are still “alive”. I’ll come up with a different name for them at some point when I have more time to reflect on the topic. My cabal and I have barricaded ourselves in what used to be the Consilium, taking care to make sure the lobby looked ransacked to, hopefully, dissuade others from entering. Ignoring a quick, one hour respite, we have been awake for almost 40 hours, and have finally settled down inside our barricade. I have offered to take the first watch, as it will give me time to write this all down and study a grimoire I found in the remnants of the Consilium’s library. I’ll try to keep this up-to-date when I have a few minutes to jot down my thoughts. Hopefully, it’ll keep me calm and focused for what is sure to be a long struggle ahead. We’re going to need all the help we can get.

Yi Sheng, Mysterium mystagogue , Disciple of Life, Apprentice of Prime, Initiate of Spirit


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